This eternity ring is set all around with brilliant cut lab grown diamonds. The square gold recesses give the ring a minimalist touch. The width is particularly suitable as a wedding ring. A piece of jewelery for eternity, which as a timeless classic sparkles just as well on its own as in combination with other pieces of jewellery.



  • Material: 18.14k yellow gold 
  • 2mm width 
  • 0.03 Carats per Stein 
  • Diamond color E-F
  • Diamond clarity VS+


delivery times

The piece of jewelry is handmade for you and completed within 4-6 weeks. 

Do you need help choosing the right ring size?

The easiest way to make sure you choose your ring size is as follows: You choose an existing ring that fits you well and measure the inside diameter or circumference of the ring. You can then compare the values with our table below (circumference, diameter). If you know your size in another region, you can also take a look at our handy international converter.

Practical tip: If your existing ring is between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger one!

Ring Size Diameter (mm)
49 15,5 - 15,9
50 16,10
51 16,50
52 17,10
53 17,50
54 18,10
56 19,00


Alternatively, the following methods are recommended in order to determine the correct size as precisely as possible.

All you need for this method is a pen, a strip of paper, and a ruler. Simply cut out a 10cm long, narrow strip of paper and wrap it lengthways around your ring finger. Then mark the end of the intersection with a pencil and measure the marked distance with the ruler. The result in millimeters then corresponds to your ring size. For example, a distance of 5.4 cm corresponds to a ring size 54.

Jewelry care | Please treat and wear your jewelry with care. Store your jewelry separately in an airtight bag or container and take it off before going to bed. Avoid contact with water, lotions, perfume, hairspray, or other liquids. Protect your jewelry from sharp bumps, extreme temperatures, sunlight and rough or hard surfaces. To keep the shine for as long as possible, clean your pieces carefully with a damp, soft cotton cloth after each use. Our jewelry does not contain nickel and is allergy-friendly.

925 sterling silver | Our silver jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. To maintain and restore the shine, you can use silver jewelry cleaner or polishing cloths.

18k gold plating | Our gold-plated pieces are gold-plated in a thicker layer than the industry standard over 925 sterling silver and sealed with a coating for anti-tarnishing and prolonged wear. However, please be careful when wearing or cleaning your gold-plated jewelry, as the coating can wear off over time, especially with heavy use. Carefully clean your jewelery with a damp, soft cotton cloth after each use so that they keep their shine for a long time. Please do not use a chemical jewelry cleaner.

Laboratory grown diamonds are physically identical to natural diamonds in almost every way, except that they are created in a laboratory using state of the art technology and are therefore on average cheaper and more sustainable than mined diamonds. They consist of the same molecular structure as mined diamonds, which means that the physical and optical properties do not change compared to their natural counterparts, as conditions in a mine are recreated using a small diamond fragment. In this sense, lab grown diamonds have the same rough shape as natural diamonds and also need to be cut and polished to reach their final shape.
If you do not like what you have received or if something did not fit, please send it within 14 days. Refunds will be issued using the original payment method. We are happy to exchange unworn and undamaged products or refund the purchase price. If you have any questions, please contact us:

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